Client Services

We live in an age of large corporations, where customer service is a lost art.

In the quest to save money and boost profits, client service is often provided by an automated phone service, or an individual who doesn’t know you and lives half a world away. At Modus Advisors, we view client service differently. Every member of our team knows you, and is available to help. We strive to provide excellent financial advice and excellent service, consistently throughout the years.








Personal finance doesn’t have to be stressful.

The Modus Advisors team works hard to take the stress out of money management. Our meetings, communication material, and regular contact are all designed to help you understand your personal finances and to know that you are on track for meeting your most important goals.

At Modus Advisors, we faithfully follow through on our written Client Service Plan. This plan is our commitment to you: to meet with you on a regular basis, to follow through on the tasks that need to be completed, and to stay current on changes in your personal and financial lives. There are many things that can’t be guaranteed in the financial services business. One that can be guaranteed is our commitment to follow through on reliable, consistent, real client service.








First and foremost, you hire us to provide professional money management and financial planning services. What we have found is that over time, we not only become your most trusted advisor, but also a family friend. These friendships are at the heart of what makes our work so meaningful and enjoyable. We welcome you to experience the Modus Advisors difference, and we appreciate the opportunity to become a friend of your family and your most trusted advisor.



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