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Q2 2018 Market Update

Posted by: Tad Weiss on July 31, 2018, Market Update

Market Update 2017 was a period when nearly everything worked for investors. This was most decidedly NOT the case for the first half of 2018. Indexes representing international equities, emerging markets, fixed income, and U.S. value stocks were all down between -2% and -7% for the first half of the year. Despite the widespread difficulties, … Continue reading Q2 2018 Market Update

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Not So Small!

Posted by: Tad Weiss on May 2, 2017, Latest News

You may have heard that this week is National Small Business Week. The technical definition of a Small Business is an independent business with fewer than 500 employees, but I certainly think of businesses on the low end of that range when I hear the term. In 2013, 48% of the workforce was employed by … Continue reading Not So Small!

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The Glass is Half Full

Posted by: Tad Weiss on March 10, 2017, Latest News

          Eight years ago to the day, March 9th, 2009, we opened our doors at Modus Advisors. In many respects, it was the absolute worst time to start an investment services and wealth planning business. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) peaked on October 9th, 2007 with a closing price of … Continue reading The Glass is Half Full

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Where Do You Get Energy?

Posted by: Tad Weiss on December 14, 2016, Latest News

One of the hardest things in the politicized world we live in is to find unbiased information.  I’m a Certified Financial Planner®, and about the farthest thing from a scientist or a physicist.  When the topic of energy comes up, I’d love to be more informed, but the subject has generally been beyond my reach … Continue reading Where Do You Get Energy?

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How do Presidential Elections Affect Markets?

Posted by: Michael Langseth on October 17, 2016, Latest News

Every four years we as citizens of America march to the ballot box to elect our next president. It’s arguably the greatest civil duty we possess as everyday Americans. Had our founding fathers known the wonderful personalities that the democratic process could create, however, I think they might have realized King George III wasn’t so … Continue reading How do Presidential Elections Affect Markets?

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