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Staying Invested

Posted by: Tad Weiss on October 19, 2020, Market Update

Over the past weeks, we have explored stock market returns under both Democratic and Republican presidencies as well as during divided and unified administrations. We’ve also looked at the media’s predictive fallibility and the importance of staying in the market. What does all this mean for the 2020 election though? Our four articles have highlighted … Continue reading Staying Invested

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Divided vs. Unified Government

Posted by: Tad Weiss on October 15, 2020, Market Update

The presidency isn’t the only position up for election in November. National, state, and local positions are on the ballot as well. To accomplish what the president wants, he needs the support of some of these officials. Without that support, we oftentimes have gridlock, where nothing seems to get accomplished politically on the national level. … Continue reading Divided vs. Unified Government

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Only 5 Days Until Departure

Posted by: Tad Weiss on October 12, 2020, Latest News

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Modus Advisors donated to three food-related organizations in the second quarter of 2020. We are continuing this focus by becoming a Gold Level sponsor at the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) virtual gala, and we’d like to invite you to join us! Gathering over 1,000 supporters at the Minneapolis … Continue reading Only 5 Days Until Departure

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Predicting the Future

Posted by: Tad Weiss on October 9, 2020, Market Update

Turn on the news or hop on the internet and you will find no shortage of predictions for the upcoming Presidential election, the economy, and the stock market. In many cases these predictions make all the sense in the world, and investors can be tempted to move their portfolio based on them. At Modus Advisors, … Continue reading Predicting the Future

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Do Politics Matter to the Market? The Long-Term View

Posted by: Tad Weiss on October 5, 2020, Market Update

In our last blog post we explored stock market performance based on who is in the Oval Office, a Republican or Democrat. Surprisingly, the average annual returns over the past 82 years turned out to be very similar. We came across another graph that emphasizes this point and shows the advantage of staying invested in … Continue reading Do Politics Matter to the Market? The Long-Term View

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